My Dreams about Gog Magog, End of Times Signs of Qiyamah, Jesus a.s


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My name is Muhammad Qasim Ibni Abdul karim, I am from Pakistan.

Allah and Muhammad pbuh told me in my dreams to share my dreams with others and that is all I am doing, so don’t blame me. The Mercy of Allah is for everyone and everything, I just want to be a friend of Allah and nothing more then that and only Allah is my Wakeel.

I have been seeing such dreams for more then the last 26 years and so far I have seen Allah in my dreams more then 500 times and I have seen Muhammad pbuh more then 280 times in my dreams. I was about 12 years old when I saw Allah and Muhammad s.a.w both for the first time in my dreams. And after that in 1993 when I was 17 years old, Allah and Muhammad pbuh started to come regularly and continuously  in my dreams and ever since I have been seeing Allah and Muhammad pbuh in my dreams.

Muhammad pbuh is the last Messenger of Allah and I believe that Muhammad pbuh is the last Prophet of Allah, I am the Ummati of Muhammad pbuh and I am proud that I am the Ummati of Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

In one dream Allah told me, Qasim I will defend Pakistan and I will save Pakistan.

In my dreams, Allah and Muhammad pbuh guided me to the right path. from 2007 Allah and Muhammad pbuh started to teach me in my dreams about the things which I should do and the things which I should avoid, mostly Allah and Muhammad pbuh told me to avoid from all types and forms of shirk, and how to be a good human.

In April 2014, Allah and Muhammad pbuh started telling me in my dreams to share them with everyone and then I started to share my dreams with my family members, friends and some other people, I also shared my dreams through Email to Pakistan Army Official Sites, Pakistan Government Sites, Pakistan’s popular people and with my Islamic Countries Official Websites but it seemed that no one was believing in me and my dreams and they all ignored me. After that I stopped sharing my dreams.

In December 2014, Muhammad saww came twice in my dreams in a single night and told me ” Qasim, you have to share these dreams to everyone to save Pakistan and to save Islam. I got confused and I said to myself that I have shared my dreams with many people and they are not believing in me, what more should I do? And then Peshawar School got attacked and then I thought  about it and then I decided to share my dreams on Internet.

Let me clear that I am a simple person and not religious. I am clean shaved, I did not use to pray regularly and I don’t pray Tahajjud. I just tell the truth and I do not lie. I don’t know why Allah and Muhammad pbuh keep on coming in my dreams.

In 1994, Allah told me from the sky and I still remember His words “Qasim, the promises which I have made to you, I will indeed fulfill them and if I fail to fulfill my promises then I am not the King of all the Worlds.”

Ever since that day, I have been waiting for Allah that when will the time of his promise arrive and when will my patience end? I did not despair of the Mercy of Allah and whenever I start to despair then Allah or Muhammad pbuh would come to my dreams and say that Qasim despair not of the Mercy of Allah,  and Qasim be patient, Allah does not waste the rewards of those who are patient, and Allah is the best disposer of affairs. They motivate me with such words and I become fresh again.

In January 2014, Allah told me that Qasim, I have tested you for 20 years, I wanted to see that either or not you are from the ones who despair of the Mercy of Allah.

I saw this dream in summer 2003, Allah said “qasim until the time for My promise arrives even if you dip your hand in gold then it will become dust but when My promise arrives then after that if you dip your hands in dust then it will become gold by My order.”

I do not look at Allah in my dreams and I just feel in my dreams that Allah is on Arsh-e-Azeem and His voice is coming down from there or I see Nur and voice comes from the Noor, or Allah talks with me from the sky, in every dream I feel Allah nearer to my jugular vein. I do not look at the face of Muhammad pbuh but I can see his body, in one dream I hug Muhammad pbuh and my whole body witnessed that I am hugging Muhammad pbuh, I have shaken hands many times with Muhammad pbuh in my dreams and my hands witnessed that I am shaking hands with Muhammad pbuh. In Sep 2015 in a dream for the first time in my life i look in the Eyes of Muhammad pbuh When my eyes look into Muhammad’s s.a.w Eyes then they get fixed and I couldn’t look away. I feel as if in His s.a.w Eyes Allah has filled all of His Noor, that was an unbelievable moment for me.

I have seen many other Prophets and Messengers in my dreams but I only looked at the face of Suleiman, and I have seen Isa in my dreams many times.

In a few dreams I saw that when the whole world became peaceful, dajjal from somewhere else will come and try to destroy the peace of the world.

In one dream, I saw Esa a.s coming from the sky, and Gog Magog came out and they got spread across the whole earth. I with very few people join the Essa a.s, and then we live with Isa a.s.

In 1993, when the dreams started I made a notebook and I used to note my dreams in the notebook and things like how many times I saw Allah in my dreams, how many times I saw Rasulullah pbuh in my dreams but few years back I lost that notebook during shifting. Total dreams are more then 800 and I still remember many dreams.

Many years back in one dream, Allah told me Qasim before sleeping read Surah-Ikhlas Surah-Falaq Surah-Naas, and then sleep so satan stays away from you, and I have been doing this from the last many years.

Allah told me in many dreams “Qasim, one day I will help you and will give you success and I will fulfill all my promises and the whole world will see your success.” But Allah did not tell me that when will that day come and I am waiting from the last 20 years.

It has been a long journey for me and still I am waiting for Allah, I did not lose my hope from the last 20 years and I don’t know when or how I will reach my destiny, I don’t even know what is my destiny, only Allah knows better.

JazaakAllah Khair,

Muhammad Qasim

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5 Responses to My Dreams about Gog Magog, End of Times Signs of Qiyamah, Jesus a.s

  1. TO Qasim… Here are some words you wrote from what you saw in your dreams:

    “I saw many other Nabi and Rasool in dreams but I only look at Suleiman A.S face. I saw Esa A.S in my dreams many times.”
    … and …

    “In few dreams I saw Esa A.S(Jesus a.s) coming from the sky and Yajooj Majooj (gog magog) come out and spread the whole world and I with very few people join the Esa A.S(Jesus a.s) and then we live with Esa A.S …..”

    Qasim…. In your dreams, ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) is trying to speak to you !

    HE+ is calling you to HIMSELF+ and informing you that HE+ is coming again.

    People in the Pak army and government do NOT BELIEVE that ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) is coming. Rather, they believe the lies of shaitaan and try to make a kingdom on earth. They do this by force and by killing instead of by loving their fellow man and their enemies.

    That is not the way of ESA ( Y’SHUA+ ), so these men will not listen to your troubled dreams.

    But, Qasim, LISTEN!

    ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) led you to write to me for one purpose: to tell you HOW TO HAVE PROTECTION from the shaitaan… in your dreams and in your life.

    ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) is speaking to you to turn from sin, turn away from SELF-love, and turn to ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) for the forgiveness of your sins through HIS+ Blood. HE+ died upon the Cross to cleanse you, me, all humans, from their transgressions against ALAHA ( not “Allah”).
    Qasim, sometimes your dreams are confusing because the shaitaan does NOT want you to escape from his kingdom of darkness.

    You can escape ONLY through ESA (Y’SHU+ ).

    In HIS+ great mercy and love for you, ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) is breaking into your dreams to tell you to come to The Heavenly FATHER through HIM+, ESA ( Y’SHU+) … which is the only way to come to The FATHER. HE+, ESA ( Y’SHU+) is the only way to enter into Heaven when you die.

    ESA (Y’SHU+ ) said: “I + AM the way, the truth, and the Life; no man comes to The FATHER except through ME+.” … John 14:6

    Also, ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) said: “ Come unto ME+, all you who labor and carry heavy burdens, and I + will give you rest. Take MY+ yoke upon you and learn of ME+, for I+ am meek and lowly of heart and you shall find rest unto your souls. For MY+ yoke is easy and MY+ burden is light. “ Matthew 11:28, 29, 30.

    Another man came to ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) by night and asked HIM+ questions, knowing HE+ was a Prophet. ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) told him: “You must be born from above if you want to see the Kingdom of ALAHA (GOD).”

    That man asked HIM+, “How can I be born again , when I am old ? Can I go back into my mother’s belly and be born a second time?”

    ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) told him, “ A man must be born of water and of Spirit to enter the Kingdom of GOD ( ALAHA).”

    Then, ESA (Y’SHU+) told the man: “GOD (ALAHA) so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only-generated SON+ ESA ( Y’SHU+) that anyone who believed upon HIM+, the SON+, would not perish, but have ever-lasting life. For GOD ( ALAHA ) did not send His SON+ ESA ( Y’SHU+) into this world to condemn the world , but that the world through HIM+ might be saved.”

    Qasim, I hope you RUN TO ESA for this great Salvation, this great Forgiveness, this great Love. It is FREE; you do not have to “work for” it . You do not have to “earn” the love and forgiveness of ESA ( Y’SHU+ ). It is easy to love ESA ( Y’SHU+) when you see all HE+ has done for you !

    “Allah” cannot give you salvation, forgiveness, and love. He gives nothing “freely.”

    “Allah” does not have it in him to give !

    He is not a god of love. He does not protect you from the shaitaan; that is why you still have troubles with your dreams. After 20 years, if “Allah” could have protected you from the shaitaan, he would have … by this time !

    Qasim, you are blessed by ESA (Y’SHU+) because HE+ is calling you to come to HIM+ and not let the shaitaan take you. HE+ sees your troubled heart.

    If you DO COME to ESA (Y’SHU+) through water baptism and your own turning from sin, asking ESA ( Y’SHU+ ) to clean and rule your heart, you will then have a great message to send to all !
    And yes, there will be some hurting and troubled people — just like you — who will be glad to COME to enter into the free forgiveness and love from ESA ( Y’SHU+ )… a love and cleansing from sin that no-one HAS TO “WORK FOR” ; His+ love is free.

    May you find peace in ESA (Y’SHU+) this day. HE+ is the ONLY WAY+ to have peace inside your heart.

    PS… Please look for another comment with the Arabic Scriptures in it.

  2. See Scriptures below in Arabic and Aramaic Arabic transliteration, courtesy of

    and, in the order below.
    3:16 ﺎﻳﻮﺣﻨ
    هكَذَا لأَنَّهُ
    حِيْدَ، الوَ ابْنَهُ قَدَّمَ إنَّهُ حَتَّى كَثِيْراً، العالَمَ اللهُ أحَبَّ
    الحَياةُ لَهُ تَكُونُ بَلْ بِهِ، مِنُ يُؤْ مَنْ كُلُّ يَهلِكَ لا لِكَيْ
    hnJo 3:16 – ܗܳܟ݂ܰܢܳܐ ܓ݁ܶܝܪ ܐܰܚܶܒ݂ ܐܰܠܳܗܳܐ ܠܥܳܠܡܳܐ ܐܰܝܟ݁ܰܢܳܐ ܕ݁ܠܰܒ݂ܪܶܗ ܝܺܚܺܝܕ݂ܳܝܳܐ ܢܶܬ݁ܶܠ ܕ݁ܟ݂ܽܠ ܡܰܢ ܕ݁ܰܡܗܰܝܡܶܢ ܒ݁ܶܗ ܠܳܐ ܢܺܐܒ݂ܰܕ݂ ܐܶܠܳܐ ܢܶܗܘܽܘܢ ܠܶܗ ܚܰܝܶܐ ܕ݁ܰܠܥܳܠܰܡ ܀ (analyze)

    John 3:16 – هَاكَنَا جِير اَخِب اَلَاهَا لعَالمَا اَيكَنَا دلَبرِه يِخِيدَايَا نِتِل دكُل مَن دَمهَيمِن بِه لَا نِابَد اِلَا نِهوُون لِه خَيِا دَلعَالَم .
    John 3:16 – For so loved Aloha the world, as his Son, the Only-begotten, he would give, that every one who believeth in him might not perish, but have the life which is eternal.

  3. mujahidinanonymous says:

    i don’t believe you.. sorry..

    • Dear Mujahidin anonymous…

      I am sorry if you received a wrong impression of my comments.

      You are entirely correct: do NOT believe me.

      But rather, BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD!

      The stakes are high for living and accepting a lie, but ESA+ (Y’SHU+ ) says ,
      “O taste and see that The LORD is GOOD ! ”

      HE+ is good to all who come to HIM+ in repentance and truth. You will find TRUE life, a straight Way, and enough Truth to fill your heart with delight, if you should do so, dear friend.

      Yours for Truth in the Inner Man… and His+ name is ESA+ ( Y’SHU+ ) !
      Sr. Judith Hannah + + +

  4. well wisher says:

    Salam qasim. I believe u may be telling the truth. Please share more dreams n ur description of RasulAllah saw so ur dreams can be verified

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