Armageddon After Destruction of Turkey | Russia vs US Army

In this dream on February 28, 2017, Qasim sees Erdogan telling a big crowd of people that he will make the Ottoman Empire again and that they will regain the lost status of the Muslims. He then sees evils forces and they are upset with Erdogan because he is becoming powerful. They are eager to find a way to stop him.

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Trump Secret Plan to Take Over Pakistan Through India, Future of Pakistan in Danger, War on Terror

In this dream, Qasim hears news that the U.S. President will be making a huge announcement. He decides to go and see for himself what is happening. He goes to a room where the President and other people are. He signs a paper and shows it to everyone. Qasim is shocked too see that it is a map of Pakistan and India, but without any borders between them. He runs back to warn the people that Pakistan is in danger. They say that no one can hurt Pakistan and no one has been successful in doing so in the past. Qasim warns them that they shouldn’t underestimate India because they have other forces on their side too. Later he sees planes entering Pakistan’s airspace and gets worried, but people say that the army will take care of it. Qasim says that the army will try but they don’t have enough funds, so they won’t be able to defend every place and will not be able to fight for long. Qasim wonders how they can be saved.

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How can Muslim Ummah Come Out of Darkness and Regain its Lost Status? | Qasim’s Key to Success

The key for Muslims to be successful is to avoid shirk and remove all aspects of it from their lives. This video shares details about what Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught Qasim about shirk. Shirk consists of associating partners with Allah and attributing divine attributes to other than Allah. In Qasim’s dreams, the most emphasized topic is to avoid shirk. People need to make a conscious effort to avoid shirk because it is everywhere. For example avoid having pictures in your home and avoid statues or idols. Remove or cover pictures or faces from items that you have. Lastly, make duaa to protect you from all forms of shirk. To learn more about shirk and why to avoid it, check out the video.

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Imran Khan Worried, Terrible Times on Pakistan

25 August 2018. In this dream Muhammad Qasim sees that he is on a big land and there are other people there as well. Everything seems fine, but suddenly the land sinks very deep and the people are affected. Qasim thinks to himself, “What happened here?” People wait for someone to fix the situation, but nothing happens. Then Qasim decides to go see what Imran Khan is doing. He sees Imran Khan is upset about what happened. He complains why people are not letting them do the work and questions how it will get fixed.

Qasim’s dream: In this dream I find myself in a huge area of land, there are other people around there too as if they are patrolling the area, the land is very big and everything seems to be fine. Suddenly something happens and the land sinks very deep similar to the depth of a river and a lot of people get affected by this incident.

Upon seeing this I became shocked and said ‘’What has happened here?’’ ‘’Everything was fine, then how did all this land sink?’’
People wait for some time thinking that it might get fixed but nothing improves. I said to myself I will go and see what is Imran Khan doing at this moment in time. Then I head towards the place where Imran Khan is present and I see that he is going somewhere along with some other people.

Imran Khan is upset and he is walking in anger as I have seen him in my dreams. He expresses grief on the situation and complains about some people that “Why are these people not letting us do the work?” “This incident that just happened, how is all of this going to be fixed?” (Dream ends)

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Pak Leaders k Siasi Jahaz Tabah Hone Walay Hain | Imran Khan, Nawaz Shareef, Asif Zardari

In this dream, Muhammad Qasim sees planes flying in the sky and one is carrying a political leader. He sees one plane flying down to land but it goes on fire and crashes. The other plans also get destroyed. There is chaos and Qasim realizes dark forces are behind this. They begin to destroy homes and buildings too. He tells the people that they don’t have anything to stop them. But Qasim finds a way that can help them and his supporter join him. To know more about the dream, check out the video.

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India will Attack and Poison Pakistan Army and Civilians

Assalamu Alaykum,

In this dream, enemies are sending terrorists into Pakistan and send them with modern weapons and technology. However, the Pakistan army is prepared and defeats them, which upsets the enemies. The enemies send a virus into the food of the Pakistan army which makes them paralyzed. Then India attack Pakistan from the borders and attack Lahore. Since the army can’t do anything the people begin taking weapons and fighting India. Qasim also joins and finds a machine gun.

The public and army working together stops the Indian army, but the people know they can’t stop India for long. The people say that if the army chief had listened to Qasim’s dreams, they would not have been in this situation. Then Qasim sees a country with a red flag that comes and they support Pakistan and send a strong warning to India. India continues to send the virus and children get sick. Qasim makes dua to Allah (SWT) for help and He sends rain and all the viruses vanish. Qasim meets the head of state of the country with the red flag and he says that Qasim’s dreams have come true.

India Will Poison The Pakistan Army & Civilians

In this dream I see an area across the Pakistani border which looks like the border of Afghanistan and enemies are sending terrorists in Pakistan from there. Pakistani Army is dealing with these terrorists very well and exterminates them. Upon seeing this the enemies become very angry that Pakistan Army is always in their way. Then the enemies send their trained terrorists into Pakistan by providing them night vision tools and modern weapons. But as soon as they enter the Pakistani territory Pak Amy detects their movement on their systems and takes out every single terrorist.

On seeing all this the enemies get very frustrated and furious because none of their plan is working. Then they plan and decide to launch an internal attack to weaken Pakistan internally and then launch an attack from the borders. They mix some kind of virus or chemical in the food of Pakistan Army and after eating that food the army becomes paralyzed and they can’t move around. Then the enemies said that now we will attack Pakistan, and India attacks Pakistan on the eastern borders and Afghanistan attacks from the western borders.

Then India launches a massive offensive attack on Lahore and Pakistan Army is not able to handle this attack. Then the people of Pakistan take arms and ammunition and fight with India. I also head towards the border to fight with the Indian Army. I find a big machine gun and I start firing at the enemy. There are other soldiers with me as well. When the Pakistani Army and the public fight together then the Indian Army stops where they are. During this I tell our people that we need to go back and shift our public to a safer place because we can’t stop the Indian Army for too long. Some people say that we are here to fight the Indian Army and we are ready to die but we are not going back. Then after that when we are going back to the city then some people said that if Army Chief believed in Qasim’s dreams and planned accordingly then the circumstances could have been different. And during all this chaos a big part of Lahore gets destroyed.

Then I go to a place which is like an underground basement of a building. After that it feels like I am going in search of some place. At this point a country that has a red color flag, gives a very strong warning to India that stop your Army where they are otherwise we will destroy you. Then this country supports and helps Pakistan. They also send their doctors to treat the Pakistani Army. Their Head of the State also visits Pakistan himself to show moral support. Whilst helping Pakistan they also bear some losses but even then they don’t complain about it. India continues to adopt the cheap tactics and sends virus and bacteria inside Pakistan through the drones. Due to this a large number of Pakistani children get affected and become ill. Upon seeing this sad situation I make dua to Allah(SWT) and ask for His help. Allah sends rain by His mercy and all the viruses get vanished.

Then I head towards some destination and on my way I see an area which is like a meadow. The Head of the state of the country with red flag, that helped Pakistan, is also there. He is sitting among the people and talking to them. Upon seeing me he recognizes me and says you are Qasim, right?! I have heard about your dreams and they have become true as well. After greeting him I go searching for a place, and I feel like without finding that place we cannot get out of these difficulties.

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PTI Supporters Shocked on Imran Khan’s Failure

Assalamu Alaykum,

In this dream the opposition says there are no reforms being done to the country. They say that since the same people from the previous governments are still involved, there will be no change. The PTI party says they are working hard and are doing things correctly. Suddenly, everything collapses, and the party is exposed. People are in shock and say that Imran Khan is a failure too.

Imran Khan’s Failure

27 August, 2018
Muhammad Qasim saw in this dream that Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to do reforms in different institutions. The opposition parties insist that no reforms are being done and everything is still the same. Media and the journalists also insist that the ruling party, PTI, has same old people who have been a part of the previous governments too, what change are they going to bring about? But PTI and its government reject all these allegations and they say that we are working hard and there is a lot of work being done. The supporters of the ruling party PTI, adopt the same narrative as usual and insist that their government is doing everything right. Then suddenly something happens and everything collapses and the reality about the performance of the government gets exposed and people are in a great shock. They can’t believe on the situation and they express their despair by saying what has just happened..? Imran Khan has also failed ! And after this there are severe crisis in Pakistan.

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Israel Will Start WW3 in Saudi Arabia & Middle East | Russia vs USA | Muhammad Qasim Dreams

Israel Will Start World War 3 in Saudi Arabia & Middle East, WW3 Russia vs USA and Their Allies in Arab Countries.
More detail visit Muhammad Qasim Dreams Channel:
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World War 3 After Erdogan Death | Sultan: Return Of Ottoman Empire | Turkey Russia America

WW3 After Erdogan Death | Sultan: Return Of Ottoman Empire | Turkey Russia America
More detail visit Muhammad Qasim Channel:

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Evil Forces vs Turkey Alliance with Russia Next Saudi Arabia and Pakistan | Mohammad Qasim Dreams

Evil Forces vs Turkey Alliance with Russia Next Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
More detail visit Muhammad Qasim Channel:

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