My Dreams about Gog Magog, End of Times Signs of Qiyamah, Jesus a.s


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My name is Muhammad Qasim Ibni Abdul karim, I am from Pakistan.

Allah and Muhammad pbuh told me in my dreams to share my dreams with others and that is all I am doing, so don’t blame me. The Mercy of Allah is for everyone and everything, I just want to be a friend of Allah and nothing more then that and only Allah is my Wakeel. Continue reading

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Allah and Muhammad ﷺ in my Dreams


I’m Muhammad Qasim. Allah and Muhammad ﷺ keep coming into my dreams from the last 27 years. Allah came into my dreams more than 500 times and Muhammadﷺ came more than 280 times in my dreams.

Ghazwa e Hind Coming 2017-18, Pakistan vs 100 Flags Army, India Israel Illuminati, War of Khurasan, World War 3


You can watch all videos of my true dreams on following Youtube playlist!!

My dreams are related to the Signs of Qiyamah, Rise of Islam, Peace in the World, Isa a.s, Gog Magog, Dajjal and End of the Time. I shared my dreams on Internet.

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Allah and Muhammadﷺ in my Dreams


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Raising Of Islam & Ummah, Black Flags from Khurasan

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahiim

AlHamdulillah, Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin wa Baarak wa salim.

I have seen many dreams, how Islam and Muslim Ummah will rise again to the whole world, if I combine some part of recent and old dreams then a scene such as this one is formed, its also clear how many things will happen. Continue reading

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Warning Messages from Allah Rabbil Alamin

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

AlHamdulillah, Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin wa Baarak wa salim.

In last year September or October 2014 i saw a dream in which Allah said “Qasim as long as Muslims don’t believe in your dreams that they are all completely true and everything is going to happen exactly as I have told you in dreams, I will not change the condition of Muslims and they will stay in the same condition and I will keep on straitening them from every side. Continue reading

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Muhammad s.a.w Message to Muhammad Qasim

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

AlHamdulillah, Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin wa Baarak wa salim.

On 28/09/2015 i saw a dream, I was going somewhere in the darkness of the night and I didn’t know myself where to go, as I keep on walking I see that under an open sky Muhammad s.a.w laying on a bed. I go to him running and after sitting on the bed ask Him s.a.w that why are you laying here? Why are you not sleeping in your home? So Muhammad s.a.w said “Son, which home? The house which I made has been taken over by some people and the people who were in my house have ran away in the form of groups, and the ones who have taken over my house are damaging it severely.”

Continue reading

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Muhammad Rasulullah pbuh Message to Muslim Ummah

In a dream a few days ago i saw Muhammad s.a.w giving a message to the Muslim Ummah which i am going to share it, on 9 Oct 2015 Muhammad s.a.w came in dreams three times, i saw Muhammad s.a.w come to my dreams three times in a single night.

one time i saw that Muhammad s.a.w was worried and walking here and there in worry and Muhammad s.a.w tells me with great zeal that qasim convey this message to the whole Ummah and that messages:

Muhammad s.a.w said “Qasim whoever stands with you is just like a person standing with Me and whoever supports you is just like a person supporting Me and he will also be with Me on the Day of Judgement.”

and the other two dreams were same too which I saw a dream on 30 Sep 2015, this is that dream:

In a dream it was daytime and Allah (Allah was there upon THE THRONE on the ARSH), Muhammad s.a.w and i were at a place I was sitting lost in my own thoughts and Muhammad s.a.w asked me the reason then i told Him s.a.w that this task is too difficult, till now only a small number of people have believed in me and my dreams, and there are few other people who are waiting to see if my dreams come true or not and Allah knows if he is telling the truth or not and every else thinks of me as a madman and that supporting him is a sin.

Upon hearing this Muhammad s.a.w became anxious and a bit angry and came towards me hurriedly and said that:

“Qasim convey this message of Mine to My whole Ummah that whoever supports you and stands with you is just like a person who is standing with Me and is supporting Me, this is My Islam since you are doing everything because Allah and I said so, and Allah will give them a double reward, look whoever is supporting you, Allah himself is writing their names on a golden paper with golden words, and my son Allah does not waste the rewards of those who do good.

I don’t care whether people believe me or not, it doesn’t effect me and I am not asking for any reward from anyone, Muhammad s.a.w ordered me to convey his message and I acted upon the order of Muhammad s.a.w, that’s all.

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Allah Confirmed Its not Satan Iblis or Jinn

20 Sep 2015 Allah says to me in dream “Qasim as Qur’an is My Word/Kalam and if satan, jinn and all the humans combine together even then they won’t be able create even a single Ayah, similarly like that the dreams which I have shown you those dreams have been created by Me(Allah) and even if satan, jinn and humans combine even then they won’t be able to create such a dream, and neither can satan show such a dream to anyone. These dreams are from Allah, Lord of all the worlds.”

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Imam Mahdi and Dajjal The Antichrist, Gog and Magog

Many people ask me if I have seen Imam Mahdi and dajjal in my dreams and I give the same answer to everyone that I have never seen Imam Mahdi in my dreams, I have seen Dajjal, Gog Magog and Esa/Jesus a.s many times in dreams. Its difficult for me to reply individually so i decide to share it.

Dajjal’s height is about 6 feet and 1 or 2 inches, strong body, bit curly black hair, skin is a bit black and his face is cruel and when he walks it feels like no one can stand in front of him. dajjal will have magical powers he can change his appearance, in few dreams i have seen him in other appearance but mostly i have seen him as i mention. dajjal shows soft appearance to his followers and he shows strong appearance to Muslims.

He looks like a normal human to me but he has a lot of magical powers, I saw his both eyes I don’t know if he can’t look from his one eye, in one dream i have heard satan calling him “My Rich War Lord”

Before it I want to tell that how will I accomplish all this, this year Allah has shown me in many dreams that the Noor of Allah will appears on my right hand index finger and from this Noor of Allah I fight with the anti islamic forces, and fill the entire world with this Noor and after that justice and peace is established in the world and from this Noor I rebuild the Islam of Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). At first I used to ask myself a lot of questions that how will I do all this? I am a simple man and nothing more, but this year’s dreams Allah has shown me that how will all this be done. And I don’t know when will all this be done.

I used to have dreams about dajjal but from the last three months I am having much more clearer dreams about dajjal and if I combine them then its like this formed.

When by Mercy of Allah, I fill the entire earth with the Noor of Allah then after that the entire world is full of peace for a few years and after a few years suddenly dajjal appears and when he appears then everyone gets worried, Dajjal claims that he is a God and he also has magical powers to prove that and the ones with a weak faith start joining him very fast, dajjal also have a magical power to convert old people to young age to attract people to joins him. he can make women to be more beautiful and so on. and millions of people joins him in just few days because of his magical powers.

I go to stop the dajjal and then he asks me to join him and says that he will make me live forever he will give me everything. So I ask him “What will happen by that? We all are going to die someday and no one can live forever but only Allah, and you will never be able to succeed in your purpose and you too will die one day. The Lord of you and me is One Allah, the Lord of All the World. “Hearing this dajjal becomes angry on me and tells me that if I don’t join him then he will kill me and tells me to think clearly after going to your home that which path do you want to choose?

Then I come back to the Muslims and I tell them if we love to Allah and Muhammad s.a.w, it is better for us to die as Muslims then to join dajjal. Because dajjal is a fitna, come let’s fight with dajjal in the way of Allah, all the Muslims agree with me, then we go to wage war against dajjal and his followers/army, and I fight with dajjal to divert his attention so that he doesn’t use his powers on Muslims Army the Noor of Allah is already appears on my index finger and that is the reason I fight with dajjal, while fighting with him the Noor of Allah suddenly disappears from my index finger and then i say to myself that qasim run away from here now and i start to run then by the Mercy of Allah i begin to run in the air and dajjal comes after me by flying and he says that “Qasim, I will not let you live today”. I keep on running until I reach a mountain terrain but dajjal also comes after me there.

dajjal strikes at my back and I get injured and fall down there, then dajjal comes near to kill me and I call upon Allah that “O Allah help me!” and then the word Allah descends from the sky and then Allah makes lightning fall on the mountain on the side and that mountain shatters into pieces and dajjal faints and falls down. Then Allah heals my wound and tells me that qasim, dajjal has only fainted for four hours and he will wake up after that. Allah says to me that qasim run away from here and hide somewhere and then I will tell you what to do next, and don’t comes in front of dajjal as long as I don’t allow you. I say as You command my Lord, Then I say thanks to Allah that he saved me from dajjal and then I run away from that place and hide myself.

When dajjal comes in senses then he doesn’t remember anything that what happened to him that he fainted and he keeps on thinking that he has killed me and dajjal goes back and tells the Muslims that he has killed me and the Muslims Army become weak by the news, and dajjal starts his mission without any resistance.

Until now I have only seen clear dreams till here. The dreams after this are not very clear. When I see clear dreams after this then I will InshAllah share them.

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Anti-Islamic Forces, Dajjal Army Destroyed by Noor of Allah

Many people are telling me to share the recent dreams and it is difficult for me to convey dreams to everyone individually, I have seen many clear and important dreams from the last 2 to 3 months, I am sharing few recent and important dreams which are related to rebuilding Islam and Allah has shown me in these dreams that how will we fight the anti-islamic forces and how peace will be established in the world.

On 22 August I saw a Dream

In that dream I see that there is chaos and unrest everywhere all the Muslims are absorbed in their own selves and I reach a place where the mushrikeen are planning that since Muslims are absorbed in their own selves so we have to plan something in such a way that the Muslims are unable to save themselves and make it seem to the world as if we are doing this for establishing peace while the real objective is to destroy the Muslims.

After that they start to make machines one after the other and i think to myself that there is no one so powerful among us to fight with these machines and so i return back and until then they had completed making the machines. Those machines are as high as the sky and those machines start firing at each other and we Muslims are trapped in the middle and all our 
homes, buildings and businesses are there.

So they show to the world that they have very powerful machines and we send our machines to destroy those machines but those two groups fighting from behind the wall are actually one and because of them Muslims and their houses were getting destroyed.

I gather a few people and ask them that how can we fight them. Because of war of these two we will get destroyed. We Muslims could not understand what to do and so everyone tries to hide and we keep on getting killed.

I gather a few people and i tell them that the Noor of Allah has appeared on the index finger of my right hand but it is not enough to destroy those machines. Then i ask Allah “Ya Allah, do something otherwise we will get destroyed, a large amount of our population is already dead and a large number of homes are destroyed. We are getting humiliated in the entire world.” And so Allah increases that Noor so much so that i am sure that with this Noor i can destroy those machines.

So when i go out to fight with these machines then my clothes are changed. Then i say to myself that Qasim this is the time to destroy those machines and so when i start to run then by Allah Mercy i begin to run in the air and after coming exactly in front of those machines i throw the Nur at them and they melt down in less than a second. And i get very amazed that these machines could not bear it even for a second. Then i go back and all the Muslims come out and become very happy that Allah has saved us and helped us. Then i say to them that Allah is with us, so don’t become scared again and everyone should play his role in rebuilding the houses and buildings.

Those machines came and fought inside the Muslim populations and mushrikeen say to the people of the world that there is a group amongst Muslim population and they have very powerful machines and it is very important to destroy them otherwise they 
will destroy the world peace but actually that group among Muslims is a group of mushrikeen and they themselves give the machines to destroy the Muslims.


On 13 August i saw a dream

In this dream we were living in a small place filled with darkness, our main Islamic building was captured by anti Islamic forces, and then Allah sent Muhammad s.a.w to us by His Mercy, upon His s.a.w coming we all became really happy that Allah has sent Muhammad s.a.w to us again and now the time has come that we become United again and regain our Islamic building, Muhammad s.a.w said to me that Qasim go and tell all the Muslim leaders about me that Muhammad Rasoolullah s.a.w has come to us again to free his Islamic building from anti Islamic forces and to rebuild it, I tell Muhammad s.a.w that Yes I will go now and convey Your message to all of them, Muhammad s.a.w tells me that I will wait for you.

But when I go to Muslim leaders and convey the message of Muhammad s.a.w then they don’t believe me, then I tell them that do you only love Muhammad s.a.w in your words? Anyone can say mighty things by his tongue, you all should show your love to 
Muhammad s.a.w by your actions and not only by your words, Muhammad s.a.w is waiting for you all. Then they say to me that Qasim don’t waste our time and we know what is right and what is wrong and whatever we are doing, we are doing it for the service of Islam.

Then I decide to go back but on the way back I find powerful black horses so I take them along with me, and after coming back I tell the complete story to Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w, and I say to Muhammad s.a.w that I am going alone to free the building of your Islam, then Mohammad s.a.w said”Wait my son! I will go with you”, then I said ” Alright, I have a very powerful horse for You s.a.w, You s.a.w ride it”, Muhammad Rasolullah s.a.w told the other people to wait for us here.

Then we go the place where our main building was, and we used to live in this building before, anti Islamic forces ( Illuminati, Zionist ) had captured this building and they were killing the Muslims who were already there and were also destroying the Islam.

I and Muhammad s.a.w started to fight but they were too much in quantity and power, and then I see that some forces disguise themselves as Muslims forces but actually they were not Muslims and they were causing more damage to Islam. Then I told Muhammad s.a.w that these forces are too much, you sit here and have rest and glorify Allah with praises, I will fight these 
forces alone with the help of Allah. and then I start to fight these forces with the Noor of Allah, and Muhammad s.a.w start to supplicate to Allah that help Qasim, and then all the forces were destroyed and only those people remained who loved peace. No hypocrite force could stand before the Noor of Allah.

We regain that Islamic building again but that building was much broken and I tell Muhammad s.a.w that we need to rebuild this building now, Muhammad s.a.w become very happy on regaining the building and then Muhammad s.a.w said to me that Qasim stay here while I go to tell other Muslims, and then Muhammad s.a.w told other Muslims that we have regained our place and everyone should go there, Qasim is over there and play your role in rebuilding the Islam.


On 22 Octuber I saw a Dream

I woke up in a dream and i saw that there was chaos everywhere and people were running here and there so I stopped one man and asked him that what has happened to all of you? Why have you all created this chaos? He said that why are you asking me, go to the roof and see for yourself, so what I saw after getting on the roof that armies of the enemies are everywhere, and their jet fighters and helicopters and machines are spreading destruction everywhere and they were advancing towards us.

I got scared after seeing all this and i said that O Allah no one among is powerful enough to face this army, so help us, then Allah placed his Noor on my finger and i ran in the air with the Mercy of Allah and i threw the Noor of Allah towards them and then i went back. And after coming down I was also scared that the forces of enemy will come here at any moment and they will spread the destruction here. But nothing happened and I went up again and i saw that all the forces were destroyed and the whole sky was clear so I ran down to inform everyone and they all got amazed that such a powerful force was destroyed with Nur of Allah.

Then I told the people to come since Allah is with us and He will help us and he will give us a place better then this one to live in, then we left that place and went forward and then we found a very beautiful place, and there was peace there everywhere, and there were huge luxurious buildings everywhere and there were beautiful trees, there was clean and pure sustenance everywhere and good homes to live in, we got amazed after seeing all this because we had never seen a place like this before, so I say that these are by the Blessings and Mercy of Allah, Verily Allah is the Most Merciful, he has given us ease after difficulty.

Then we started to live there and everyone became happy and gave Thanks to Allah for His Blessings and His Gifts.


On 20 September I saw a Dream

I see that there is darkness everywhere. We have everything but no electricity to light up bulbs and tubelights and everyone is in the search of electricity. Then I see that Allah gives me electricity by his Mercy then I go to Ulamas, Muftis and Leaders and I tell them that I have electricity and I can light up the houses of people with it, but Ulamas, Muftis and 
Leaders don’t believe in me that I really have electricity, they say that I am lying.

Ulamas, Muftis and Leaders only disagree with me that I have no electricity but they don’t say anything more to me, neither do they stop me not do they forbid me that I should not say this to anyone else, they say that let him do whatever he wants for he is merely wasting his time, he has no electricity.

But Allah tells me that Qasim don’t worry I am with you, no one can stop you and I will help you and then Allah helps me and normal Muslims start to believe in my words and then this news spreads all around the world. and then everyone believes me and say that light up everything with the electricity that Allah has given you. Then when I spread the light with the Mercy of Allah then the Ulamas say that Alas! We should have believed him.

Allahu Alim

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Tanda Kiamat, Dajjal, Nabi Isa dan Yakjuj Makjuj


Namaku adalah Muhammad Qasim berasal dari Negara Pakistan.

Allah Ta’ala dan Muhammad ﷺ telah memberitahuku untuk menyampaikan mimpiku kepada semua maka aku pun melakukannya jadi tolong jangan menyalahkanku. Sesungguhnya Rahmat Allah adalah untuk semuanya dan segalanya.
Aku hanya mahu menjadi sahabat Allah dan hanya Allah lah menjadi wakil bagi diriku.

Aku memiliki mimpi ini lebih daripada 26 tahun. Sejauh ini Aku menyaksikan Allah didalam mimpiku lebih daripada 460 kali manakala mimpi bertemu Nabi Muhammad adalah lebih daripada 250 kali.
Pertama kali ianya terjadi ketika aku berumur 12 tahun, aku menyaksikan Allah dan Nabi Muhammad dalam mimpiku.
Kemudian pada tahun 1993 semasa berumur 17 tahun. Selepas itu Allah dan Muhammad mulai selalu hadir didalam mimpiku dan perkara itu berterusan berlaku.

Sesungguhnya aku menjadi saksi bahawa Nabi Muhammad ﷺ adalah Nabi dan Rasul Allah yang terakhir. Aku hanyalah umat Nabi Muhammad ﷺ .

Di dalam banyak mimpiku, Allah berfirman:
“Qasim pergilah sebarkan dunia ini dengan Cahaya sebagaimana ianya dipenuhi dengan kegelapan.”

Di dalam mimpi yang lain Allah berfirman:
“Aku lah yang akan mempertahankan Pakistan dan Aku lah yang akan menyelamatkan Pakistan.”

Allah dan Muhammad ﷺ sering memberitahuku didalam mimpi bahawa Qasim sesungguhnya suatu hari nanti engkau akan mengeluarkan keseluruhan umat daripada kegelapan dan kemudian ini dunia akan menjadi aman tetapi semuanya (hendaklah) bermula dari Negara Pakistan.

Didalam mimpiku Allah dan Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam memberikanku petunjuk ke jalan yang lurus.
Bermula dari tahun 2007, Allah dan Muhammad mula mengajarkanku dari mimpiku terhadap perkara yang harus aku lakukan dan juga yang harus aku hindari. Yang paling banyak adalah Allah dan Muhamad mengajarku untuk menjauhi segala bentuk syirik dan bagaimana menjadi seorang manusia yang baik (berakhlak).

Pada April 2014. Allah dan Muhammad ﷺ
mula memberitahuku untuk menyampaikan mimpiku kepada semua orang lalu aku menyampaikannya kepada keluargaku, sahabat dan juga orang lain. Aku juga menyampaikannya melalui email kepada Tentera Pakistan Laman web rasmi dan juga laman rasmi kerajaan, Orang-orang yang berpengaruh di Pakistan dan laman web rasmi negara Islam tetapi kelihatannya tidak ada percaya denganku dan mimpiku dan mereka tidak mempedulikan halku. Selepas itu aku pun berhenti.

Disember 2014. Muhammad ﷺ datang dua kali didalam mimpiku dalam satu malam. Baginda ﷺ bersabda bahwa aku hendaklah berkongsi mimpiku kepada semua orang untuk menyelamatkan Pakistan, untuk menyelamatkan Agama Islam. Aku merasa keliru, Aku memberitahu diriku bahawa bagaimanakah aku akan berkongsi mimpiku sedangkan mereka tidak mempercayaik. Apa lagi yang harus ku lakukan? Selepas itu Sekolah Peshawar diserang. Lalu aku memikirkankannya dan mengambil untuk berkongsi mimpiku di Internet.

Qasim menjelaskan dengan jujur bahawa dia hanyalah seorang manusia biasa dan bukanlah kuat agama. Aku hanya mengatakan perkara yang benar dan tidak berbohong. Aku hanya mengatakan dengan jujur dan tidak berbohong. Aku juga tidak kenapa Allah dan Nabi Muhammad ﷺ terus hadir dalam mimpiku.

Pada 1994. Allah memberitahuku dalm mimpi dari langit dan aku masih ingat firman Allah
“Qasim, sesungguhnya perkara yang Aku (Allah) janjikan denganmu. Aku tetap akan memenuhi semua janji tersebut dan seandainya aku gagal bererti Aku bukanlah Raja Seluruh Alam.”

Semenjak hari itu, aku tetap menunggu Allah bilakah janjiNya akan tiba? Bilakah aku akan berhenti daripada bersabar. Aku tidak pernah berputus asa daripada Rahmat Allah. Apabila aku merasa putus asa. Allah atau Muhammad ﷺ akan datang dalam mimpiku dan bersabda:
“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mensia-siakan orang yang bersabar dan Allah sebaik-sebaik dalam menguruskan.”
Aku merasa mendapat motivasi dengam ayat tersebut dan aku merasa baik semula.

January 2014. Allah berfirman dalam mimpi:
“Qasim, Sesungguhnya Aku (ALLAH) sudah mengujimu selama 20 tahun. Aku (ALLAH) mahu melihat apakah engkau terdiri daripada orang berputus asa dengan rahmat Allah ataupun bukan.”

Pada tahun 2003, musim panas, aku melihat dalam mimpiku bahawa Allah berfirman qasim tunggulah sampai tiba masanya JanjiKu sampai. Seandainya engkau memasukkan tangan ke arah emas ianya akan menjadi debu kecuali apabila tiba masa JanjiKu sekalipun engkau memasukkan tanganmu ke arah debu(lumpur) ianya tetap akan emas.

Pada tahun 2002, musim bunga. Aku melihat dalam mimpiku bahawa Nabi Muhammad ﷺ bersabda: Wahai anak, janganlah berputus asa ke atas rahmat Allah. qasim, apabila masamu tiba bumi akan mengeluarkan khazanahnya. Pokok akan berbuah dengan lebat dan sediki daun. Akan terdapat banyak rezeki di atas rezekit. Tidak akan ada orang yang kekal dalam keadaan miskin dan keamanan akan ada dimana-mana dan tidak ada sesiapapun yang pernah merasakan masa tersebut sebelum ini.

Aku tidak melihat Allah didalam mimpiku, aku hanya merasakan Allah di atas Arasy,dan suara Allah datang dari arah sana, atau aku melihat cahaya(dinding) dan suara tersebut datang daripada sebalik cahaya atau Allah berfirman dari atas langit.

Dalam setiap mimpiku, aku merasakan Allah dekat kepadaku lebih dekat daripada urat leherku. Aku tidak melihat wajah Nabi Muhammad ﷺ aku hanya mampu melihat tubuh badannya.

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, aku melihat mata Nabi Muhammad ﷺ manakala didalam mimpi yang lain aku memeluk nabi dan merasakan seluruh tubuhku menjadi saksi bahwa aku memeluk Nabi Muhammad ﷺ. Aku bersalaman banyak kali dengan Nabi Muhammad, dan tanganku menjadi saksi bahwa aku benarbenar bersalaman dengan baginda ﷺ.

Aku melihat Nabi dan Rasul didalam mimpiku tapi aku hanya melihat wajah Nabi Sulaiman dan melihat Nabi Isa Alaihi Salam dalam mimpiku banyak kali.

Didalam mimpi yang lain, aku melihat dunia menjadi aman tapi dajjal akan keluar dari sesuatu tempat untuk menghancurkan keamanan dunia.

Pada mimpi yang lain, Aku nampak Nabi Isa Alaihi Salam turun dari langit dan yakjuj makjuj keluar ke seluruh bumi. Aku bersama dengan sedikit yang lainnya akan bergabung bersama Nabi Isa Alaihi Salam dan tinggal bersama baginda.

Pada 1993, apabila mimpi bermula aku menulisnya dalam buku nota dimana tertulis mimpiku dan berapa aku bermimpi Allah dan Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam tetapi beberapa tahun kebelakangan aku kehingan buku nota semasa berpindah. Kesemua jumlah mimpi tersebut adalah lebih dari 800 kali.

Beberapa tahun yang lalu, Allah memberitahu Qasim sebelum tidur untuk membaca surah-ikhlas surah-falaq surah-naas agar shaitan tidak dapat mengangguku.

Perjalananku sangat panjang dan aku masih menunggu janji Allah. Aku tidak akan berputus asa setelah lebih daripada 20 tahun. Aku tidak tahu bila dan bagaimana aku sampai kepada takdirku kerana hanya Allah lebih Maha Mengetahui.

Allahu Alim

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